I also love cars and own several including an MGF and a few Minis. The MG has given me the
opportunity to do some really exciting things - for example I have taken the car around the
full F1 international circuit at Silverstone, hitting over 100Mph on the home straight past
the grandstand. I have also travelled in convoy with other MGF owners
and have on a number of occasions toured throughout Germany,
Luxembourg, Belgium and France. Of course, there have
been plenty of photo opportunities along the way and
I have as a result built a separate site dedicated to
my MGF; this features an extensive picture gallery,
history, technical information and even an online game.

I obtained my first Mini (the second car that I ever
bought), in the late eighties. She has now been
fully restored and has a number of other minis to
keep her company. Why not take a look at my Mini
website for more information?