About Me
By the time I did my finals, Mum had moved to Nottingham; I moved back
home while I looked for work, but ended up staying for a year and a half.
I then got a job in Littlehampton and after living in Kingston-upon-Thames
for 6 months I finally bought a flat by the sea. I hadn't
intended to move back to Sussex, it just really kind of
happened, but I'm glad it did!

It was there that I met Jenny. We both worked at the
same company, but did not have much to do with
each other at work. I also had a part time job at a
bar and every time the bar staff and I went to a
club after work, there she was with a friend.
(Ask Jenny and she will tell you that I followed
her around!). Then one Valentines party at the
local nightclub in nearby Worthing, I gave here a
rose and asked if she would dance with me later
that evening. Well, she did and we have been together
ever since.

Although we got engaged a few years later, we haven't quite
managed to set a date for the big day yet!