About Me
Born in 1967, I was raised in Ealing, West London, where I attended
Drayton Manor High School. Having passed several O and A levels, I
took a year off before leaving home to go to University. I ended up at
Brighton Polytechnic (now Brighton University) studying
Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

Living and studying in Brighton was good fun, but with
many distractions - Brighton is a real party town and
boy did we party. Summers by the sea were fantastic!
One year I had to re-sit my maths exam, so I spent
the whole summer on the beach with my books.
Working in a warehouse at night, I would finish
at 2.30 in the morning, go home, sleep till 11,
go to the local café for a cooked breakfast and
then head down the beach. By midday I was
sitting in the sun, covered in lotion and with my
study books spread around me. By 5pm, the sun started
getting weaker and it was time to head to work. A great plan
that worked a treat - at my September retest I passed with a
score of 97%.

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