When I first met people who had personal web
sites I thought they were mad. I mean, who
on earth would want to go and look at stuff
about a complete strangers life? Yet, here
I am with my own personal web site, and here
you are taking a look!

So why did I do it? Well, a couple of reasons
really. Firstly, I develop web sites for a
living and palmtreecove.com is the
ideal place to try stuff out in a live
environment, before biting the bullet
and adding it to a commercial site.

Secondly, pictures are often the raw ingredients of
the web sites that I build and I am always out and about
with my camera. In the course of picture taking, there are always great
photos that can't easily be used on a commercial site. Where better
to share some of those fantastic images with others, than on
palmtreecove.com? A collection of places, pastimes,
people and more, this is my secret hideaway in
the electronic ocean that we call the Internet.